The Artist Self-Publishers‘ Fair

10th September 2016 11 am till 7pm

Following on from the success of the inaugural Artist Self Publishers‘ Fair in 2015, this year ASP hosts over 70 UK and international independent artist self-publishers for a one-day fair.

This second edition continues to avoid the restrictions and market dominance of much of contemporary arts culture. The publications are still the artworks; affordable and available, and remain free from the fetters of the institution or gallery. The ideas, images and text are produced and published by artists who understand the restrictions and freedoms of the printed page. In addition to those selected for the fair, ten places will be allocated through open submission.

ASP seeks to celebrate and promote artist self-publishers and their work.

The Mall

ASP2 – The Sequel – Artists / Publications

Alex Pollard – Ami Clarke – Angel Rose – antoine lefebvre editions – Arnaud Desjardins
Baby Doc – Beast Press – Behind the X – Bronze Age Editions & Blotter Books – Buried
Bus – Cesura//Acceso – Clod – Coelacanth Journal – Control – Covered in Toner
Da Thirst – Dan Szor & Racheal Crowther – David Osbaldeston – Ed Lehan & Lena Tutunjian
Eleanor Vonne Brown – Emily Pickthall – Ethan Hayes-Chute – Florida
Fritz Welch – Gloria Glitzer – Good Press – Gregor Wright – GRRRR – Hannah Sawtell
Hard Mag – Hate Magazine – Ho Tam – Interactive Monster Unit – Inventory – Isobel Reddington
Jamie & Rickie McNeill – Jasmin Reif – Jean-Michel Wicker – Jihoon – Laugh Magazine
Laura Yuile – LONDON – Luke Dowd – Mark Aerial Waller – Mark Pawson
Markus Vater – Melanie Coles – Michalis Pichler – Museums Press – The Nervemeter – OCR
Overview Magazine – Owen Piper – Paranoia – Pound Shop – Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards
Richard Roberts – Sara MacKillop – Schizm – Scott King – Simon Popper – Skindeep
Starship – Stuart Bannocks – Tamsin Clark & Richard Bevan – Tom Pounder
Verdrusz Books – Waldemar Pranckiewicz – William Cobbing – ztscrpt

International Table / Richard Parry
And throughout the day DJ Black Eggs the Rebel will provide the best in background music