Starship Screenings at the Pool


Sa, 12.8. 4.00 pm

Starship Screenings at the Pool
»(Almost) Silent Movies«
accompanied by Martin Ebner and Theresa Patzschke


Sommerbad Humboldthain
Wiesenstraße 1, 13357 Berlin

There is a constant, well balanced flow of noises inside the Humboldthain summer pool area. Underwater gurgles, smaller and bigger splashes, a multitude of voices in the air, cries, squeals, and shouts of joy, excitement or outrage. Whisperings in the wardrobe. The far away humming of the city. The occasional voice of authority through the speaker system. In a world of atomic microprecision overall time is approaching 4 p.m.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the (Almost) Silent Movie Hall. It is comfortaby cool and shady inside. There will be a screen with colors, movements and flickers. There will be two-dimensional men and women, some in black and white, and some of them lonely. Old animals in short trousers will sing and dance. Chairs will be elevated and tables shifted. There will be more than one short pause. Here the (almost) silence comes in. (Almost) silence is not really silent, it is an improved version of the well known not so silent silence, but please feel free to find out for yourself.

Martin Ebner is an artist, Theresa Patzschke is a musician and writer, both based in Berlin.

Es gibt einen konstanten, gut balancierten Fluss an Geräuschen innerhalb des Sommerbades Humboldthain. Unterwassergurgeln, kleine und größere Platscher, eine Vielzahl von Stimmen in der Luft, Heulen, Quietschen und Schreie der Freude,  Aufregung oder Empörung. Geflüster in der Garderobe. Das ferne Rauschen der Stadt. Die Stimme der Autorität über die Lautsprecheranlage. In einer Welt der atomaren Mikropräzision wird es langsam 16 Uhr.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, willkommen zum (beinahe) stillen Kino. Hier ist es angenehm kühl und schattig. Es gibt eine Projektionswand mit Farben, Bewegungen und Lichtblitzern. Es werden zweidimensionale Männer und Frauen da sein, manche sind schwarz-weiß, und manche einsam. Alte Tiere in kurzen Hosen werden singen und tanzen. Stühle werden angehoben und Tische verschoben. Es gibt mehr als eine kurze Pause. Hier tritt die (beinahe) Stille auf. (Beinahe) Stille ist nicht wirklich still, sie ist eine verbesserte Version der nicht ganz so stillen Stille, aber überzeugen sie sich doch bitte selbst.

Martin Ebner ist Künstler, Theresa Patzschke ist Musikerin und schreibt, beide leben in Berlin.

SA 29.7. 4 pm
Starship Screenings at the Pool

A program with experimental video works, circulating around the year when Ronald Reagan became president.

Selected by Martin Ebner

In 1980, many of the happy, youthful visitors of the Humboldthain pool are not even a concept on their parents’ horizons. These days questions and difficulties motivating the early phase of electronic video art are hard to imagine for those who are used to today’s omnipresent image production via smartphones and internet.
On Saturday there will be an opportunity to dive into this special, slightly too blurry, silent and loud, raw, often witty, sometimes slow or a bit too quick language of images, like a time machine parallel to the acoustic and visual turbulent joy of the summer pool.

Martin Ebner is an artist based in Berlin. He is co-publisher of the magazine Starship together with Gerry Bibby, Nikola Dietrich, Ariane Müller, and Henrik Olesen.

Tropez is a space for art inside the public pool Sommerbad Humboldthain initiated by Nele Heinevetter. For the first summer exhibition POOL, artists, performers, musicians, authors, and curators will mingle with the guests of Berlin’s most beautiful public pool, among them Søren Aagard, Broken Dimanche Press, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Creamcake, Sofia Duchovny, John Matthew Heard, Hervé Humbert, Michael Kleine, Kris Lemsalu, Zoë Claire Miller, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Mary Audrey Ramirez, Jen Rosenblit, Starship, Markus Wirthmann, and Samson Young.

Tropez is also a kiosk. Every day from 10 am to 6 pm.



Sommerbad Humboldthain
Wiesenstraße 1, 13357 Berlin

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Shadow Projector – 14n61w


Ariane MÜLLER, Martin EBNER
Shadow Projector
17.06 – 29.07.2017

espace d’art contemporain 14°N 61°W
Place de l’Enregistrement
97200 Fort de France – Martinique FWI


Ariane MÜLLER, Martin EBNER
Shadow Projector

June 17 – July 29 2017

caryl* ivrisse – crochemar & [ creative renegades society ] are pleased to welcome and present the exhibition of Berlin based Austrian artists, Ariane Müller and Martin Ebner.

For their exhibition titled “Shadow Projector” at espace d’art contemporain 14°N61°W Ariane Müller and Martin Ebner create an artistic environment which blends aspects of the bourgeois interior with the perception of the outside and public through drawings, prints, and a video installation.

The color primary blue was used as the starting point of the artists collective process to translate a list of words, and related concepts into the space. This effort initially started in Berlin and got modified and adapted through the development of the installation in the context of Martinique and the specific situation of the gallery space.

A joint large blue drawing of leaves of Monstera foliage evokes the famous cut outs of Henri Matisse, La Piscine. This association is not involuntary, it hints to Matisse reduction of painting to form and color, that relied on objectification and a reduction of concepts, and persons to a consumable image.

As an architectural intervention, one of the two entrances connecting the two main exhibition spaces is blocked through a lightweight wooden grid, also painted in blue. Through this limitation of choice of entrance, the plant’s presence in the room gets enhanced, and an inside-outside relation is established.

In Martin Ebner’s video installation, a white rotating „hand spinner“ shape is used to uncover some hidden formal aspects of this popular object, changing its appearance from a toy to a tool, to a face, and while rapidly spinning, even a flower or a star.

And on the large wall to the right, extending the space towards the imaginary, Ariane Müller’s life sized prints of doors are playing with different techniques of creating a realistic image, that clashes with the unlikeliness of its content.

In extension and addition to their exhibition, Martin Ebner and Ariane Müller will conceive an audiovisual presentation at the gallery, focusing on former works and developments of the two artists, as well as presenting the newest issue of STARSHIP Magazine, an international bilingual art magazine focussing on contemporary art and writing, which they publish together with Nikola Dietrich, Gerry Bibby and Henrik Olesen in Berlin.


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch



STARSHIP #16 release

We would like to invite you to celebrate with us
the new issue of Starship.

On the afternoon of Sunday, May 28, 2017
between 4 and 7 p.m.
in front of Möbel Olfe.

Dresdener Strasse 1
10999 Berlin

Gerry Bibby, Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen

Starship #16

with contributions by

Søren Andreasen, John Allan MacLean, Tenzing Barshee, John Beeson, Leo Bersani, Gerry Bibby, Matt Billings, Kaucyila Brooke with Vickie Aravindhan, Louis Coy, Boz David, Jennifer Green, Blake Jacobsen, Tyler Lumm, Giselle Morgan, Ace Shi, AJ Strout, and Josh Winklholfer, Mercedes Bunz, David Bussel, Octavia E. Butler, Bonnie Camplin, Leidy Churchman, Eric D. Clark, Jay Chung, Hans-Christian Dany, Katja Diefenbach, Nikola Dietrich, Francesca Drechsler, Martin Ebner, Sokol Ferizi, Stephanie Fezer, Julian Göthe, Michèle Graf, Selina Grüter, Karl Holmqvist, Cornelia Herfurtner, Nadira Husain, David Iselin-Ricketts, Monika Kalinauskaite, Heinz Peter Knes, Jakob Kolding, Michael Krebber, Klara Liden, Q Takeki Maeda, Robert McKenzie, Robert Meijer, Ariane Müller, Christopher Müller, Henrik Olesen, Mark von Schlegell, Dan Solbach, Natasha Soobramanien, Katrin Trüstedt, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Scott C. Weaver, Luke Williams, Amelie von Wulffen, Florian Zeyfang

Cover: Klara Liden, 410 meters, May 22, 2017
Ink on 1000 copies of Starship

We would like to thank to Jacob Fabricius, Trine Friis Sørensen, and the whole team of Kunsthal Aarhus, where we produced this issue of Starship in April 2017 during our stay for the Timeshare project.



- Pure Fiction Independent Art Bookfair, Frankfurt am Main -


Pure Fiction Independent Bookfair is a one day event and will take place
on Friday the 28th of April in the Staedelschule in Frankfurt am Main.
Independent art book publishers from around the globe are invited to set
up stall, sell their merch and have a good time.

Pure Fiction Independent Bookfair is initiated and organised by Pure
Fyction, a writing / performance seminar run by art writer and sf novelist
Mark von Schlegell and collaborating students. Staedelschule is a
contemporary fne arts academy in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

For a fee of 30 euros to cover running costs, guests will receive a table, 2
chairs and possible wallspace. Earliest responders will have frst choice of
Space and support will be available for lectures and special presentations.
Every guest is invited to make a presentation during the day.
Reserve your table and take part in the 2017 Frankfurt am Main
Independent Art Book Fair.



The Timeshare Project


Kunsthal Aarhus
J. M. Mørks Gade 13
Aarhus, Denmark

31.Mar.2017 – 03.Jun.2017

The Timeshare Project – Kunsthal Aarhus 100 Years

Starship Magazine
Rond-Point Projects
Eastside Projects

Like a timeshare holiday home, Kunsthal Aarhus will host five international art institutions in the spring of 2017. Each taking turn, they will present weeklong curatorial and editorial projects in the kunsthal’s octagonal exhibition space, for example in the form of talks, performances, screenings, displays, installations or editorial meetings. Following these five visits, the institutions will produce individual publications, which constitute the project’s second timesharing format. By transporting the reader back to recent, distant or virtual pasts – or into the future, a publication effectively serves as a time machine that grants us access to other moments in time.

In 2017 Kunsthal Aarhus celebrates its 100th anniversary. As a kunsthal in the original sense of the term, Kunsthal Aarhus does not have a collection where we can consult and negotiate this century of exhibition making. The Timeshare Project in turn substitutes recollection with timesharing as a collective, border-crossing contemporary practice.

Project period: 31 March–3 June, 2017
Opening: 31 March, 5pm



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Swiss Cheese Plant


Ariane Müller
Martin Ebner


02.04. – 14.05. 2017

Kunstverein Göttingen

Altes Rathaus
Markt 9
37073 Göttingen

Opening hours
Tue – Sun 11–17 Uhr

Sun, 02. April 2017, 11.30 a.m.

Swiss Cheese Plant shows collaborative and individual works of Berlin-based artists Ariane Müller and Martin Ebner, originating in the specific spatial structure of the Kunstverein Göttingen’s location at the old town hall. This historical space, which was built for the self-representation of the town’s bourgeoisie, has gone through easily discernible architectural transformations, and now presents itself as an enfilade of rooms resembling the bourgeois flat. The exhibition comments on this space in various ways. In Martin Ebner’s work, the public and its realisation in the square, is inscribed in the interior space, shifting and enlarging the actual room. Ariane Müller’s work deals with a flat’s interiors and their hidden spaces. The bourgeois  home is constituted by representational rooms and their counterpart of hidden spaces, service corridors, and servants dwellings – mirroring Freud’s analysis of the self. This links to literary references (»The Door in the Wall«, H. G. Wells), as well as to images directly drawn from dreams (entering an unknown room in one’s own apartment), which in their unambiguity were templates for a porn film famous for focusing on female sexuality (»Behind the Green Door«, A. + J. Mitchell).

The houseplant and the mouse are two very different elements of nature within the flat. The Swiss cheese plant serves as decoration and backdrop of the depiction of controllable and decorative feminity in the interiors (in Matisse nude drawings, e.g). The mouse, formerly dreaded  companion of the human,  is—as we can see in its frequent use as a comic character—now controllable, and from its anarchic beginnings, which in the character of Mickey Mouse hints at its origins in slave work in the US south, has changed itself into a law obiding citizen. A blustering, cursing household robot has taken its place, which contrary to the mouse (but similar to the servants, who were by the way more dreaded for this), has the potential to monitor us and report its findings.

The decoratively lascivious shape of the Swiss cheese plant stems in the necessity to catch as much sunlight  as possible in the thick forest, where sun only occurs as sunspots. Biologists have, calculated that the layout of holes and surface provides a slight advantage to plants with entire leaves.  Within the psychedelic of a space made up of bright light and deep shade, spatial perception disperses and a new, dreamlike, in-between space comes about. The natural, mathematical precision of the plant is reflected by the mathematical logic of the animated image, which through calculations of pixels can confund us to see movement and space.


Ausgangspunkt der Ausstellung Swiss Cheese Plant, die gemeinsame und einzeln entstandene Arbeiten der beiden Berliner KünstlerInnen Ariane Müller und Martin Ebner zeigt, ist das spezifische Raumgefüge des Göttinger Kunstvereins an seinem Standort im Alten Rathaus. Dieser historische Raum, der zunächst der Repräsentation des Bürgertums diente, ist, wie an der Architektur leicht ablesbar, durch mehrere Umgestaltungen gegangen und präsentiert sich nun in der Raumflucht einer großbürgerlichen Wohnung. Innerhalb der Ausstellung wird dieser Raum auf verschiedene Art kommentiert. In Martin Ebners Arbeit wird das Öffentliche, und seine Verwirklichung im Platz, in den Innenraum eingeschrieben und der eigentliche Raum damit erweitert. In Ariane Müllers Arbeit geht es um das Interieur und die versteckten Räume: Denn die großbürgerliche Wohnung beruht auf dem Gegenüber von repräsentativen und von versteckten Räumen – die privaten Zimmer und der Dienstbotenbereich – und damit auf einer Konstellation, die sich in der Freud’́schen Analyse der Seele niederschlug. So werden hier sowohl literarische Referenzen (»The Door in the Wall«, H. G. Wells) aufgerufen als auch Bilder, die direkt an Träume anknüpfen (Das Betreten eines unbekannten Zimmers in der eigenen Wohnung), die in ihrer Eindeutigkeit zur Vorlage für einen der berühmtesten Pornofilme wurden, der die weibliche Sexualität in den Vordergrund rückte (»Behind the Green Door«, A. + J. Mitchell).

Die Zimmerpflanze und die Maus sind in dieser Wohnung zwei sehr unterschiedliche Elemente der Natur und des Außen. Das Fensterblatt dient als Dekoration und Backdrop der Darstellung des kontrollierbaren und dekorativen Weiblichen im Interieur (in den Aktzeichnungen bei Matisse zum Beispiel). Die Maus, ehedem gefürchtete Begleiterin des Menschen ist wie wir in ihrer häufigen Verwendung als Comicfigur sehen, inzwischen kontrollierbar, und hat sich aus ihren anarchischen Anfängen, die bei Mickey Mouse noch direkt auf seine Herkunft als Sklave und Domestik in den Südstaaten verweisen, einstweilen selbst zum rechtsgläubigen Bürger gewandelt. An ihrer Stelle wuselt nun ein Haushaltsroboter polternd und fluchend durch die Räume, der im Gegensatz zur Maus – aber ähnlich den Domestiken, vor denen man sich allerdings weit mehr fürchtete, – die Potenzialität hat, uns zu überwachen und seine Wahrnehmung weiterzumelden.

Die dekorativ-lasziven Formen des Fensterblatts beruhen auf der Notwendigkeit dieser parasitären Pflanze möglichst viel Sonneneinstrahlung im Unterholz aufzufangen, wo diese nur als Sonnenflecken oder Sonnenpunkte vorkommt. Dabei haben Biologen berechnet, dass die Anordnung aus Löchern und Flächen einen minimalen Vorsprung gegenüber ganzblättrigen Pflanzen erzeugt. Innerhalb der Psychedelik eines solchen Raums aus hellem Licht und tiefstem Schatten löst sich die Raumwahrnehmung auf und es entsteht ein traumartiger Zwischenbereich. Dieser natürlichen mathematischen Präzision der Pflanze steht die mathematische Logik des animierten Bildes gegenüber, die aus der Berechnung von einander folgenden Pixeln dem Menschen Bewegung und Raum vorspiegeln kann.

Kuratiert von Anja Lückenkemper

Zeichnung © Ariane Müller


 Photos: Verena Kathrein


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radio athènes




The events are organized by the Goethe-Institut Athen as part of the ‘apropos documenta’ programme.
The presentation/talks will be held in English.
Radio Athènes is supported by Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece).




Saturday & Sunday, 10 & 11 December 2016, 11–19h
Reception: Friday, 9 December 2016, 18-20h
Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin
Free Entry





Review in Artforum, Dec 2016, print edition,
written by  Neringa Černiauskaitė:



out now:

Martin Ebner, Kitty Kraus
Brochure, 84 pages, English/Lithuanian
CAC – Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

With contributions by Tenzing Barshee, Mihaela Chiriac, Haytham El-Wardany, Monika Kalinauskaitė, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Ariane Müller, Audrius Pocius & Nicholas Matranga

Alexander Wolff with Sonia Leimer, Mandla Reuter, Starship &
The painters have finished

Blanická 9
120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic

12.11.-23.12., opening on Friday 11.11.16


Essai sur le don
Jahresgabenausstellung 2016
mit Arbeiten von
Martin Ebner, Karl-Heinz Eckert, Katja Eydel, Max Schmidtlein, Barbara Camilla Tucholski
04. Dezember – 31. Dezember 2016
Eröffnung am Sonnabend, 03. Dezember um 19 Uhr

KUNSTHALLE im E-Werk / Spieltordamm 5 / D-19055 Schwerin

Mi – So 15 – 18 Uhr

Starship 15 Release

Starship 15

Neues Heft / New Issue: Out now


Präsentation / Presentation Berlin:
5. 11. 2016
ab 19:00 up to 23:00

Between Bridges
Keithstrasse 15
10787 Berlin

Performance by Michell Volta

Kunst und Ambiente, Drinks und Amusement


Abonnements / Subscription:

Abonnements für 3 Hefte ab dem laufenden Heft kann man hier bestellen:

Subscription for three issues starting from the current issue you can order here

Kein Gang zum Buchhändler! Hefte kommen ins Haus.
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Spezielle Preise / Huge Savings


Überblick / Overview:




Artists: Nadja Abt, Tenzing Barshee, Gerry Bibby, Mercedes Bunz, Lou Cantor, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Jay Chung, Hans-Christian Dany, Helmut Draxler, Francesca Drechsler, Martin Ebner, Jana Euler, Julian Göthe, Toni Hildebrandt, Karl Holmqvist, Judith Hopf, Stephan Janitzky, Jakob Kolding, Robert McKenzie, Maria Loboda, Nick Mauss, Robert Meijer, Ariane Müller, Christopher Müller, Eileen Myles, Gunter Reski, Mandla Reuter, Cameron Rowland, Julia Scher, Mark von Schlegell, Eva Seufert, Diamond Stingily, Wolfgang Tillmans, Vera Tollmann, Haytham El-Wardany, Nicole Wermers, Amelie von Wulffen, Stephanie Wurster, Florian Zeyfang

Editors: Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen
New Editor: Gerry Bibby
Starship Nº 15 is published by Starship e.V.

Layout concept: Starship and Dan Solbach
Graphic Design: Philip Reinartz
Cover: based on a video still of the performance On Rotation by Gerry Bibby
at Istituto Svizzero di Roma, May 2016
Cover Image: Gina Folly
Centerfold: Amelie von Wulffen
Backcover: Martin Ebner

128 pages, color
Single copy: EUR 8, abroad EUR 10, USD 12
ISSN: 1619-2052



Look out for




Street posters


On Thursday, 13th October, the exhibition “Martin Ebner, Kitty Kraus” at CAC – Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, was supplemented by posters placed throughout the city of Vilnius, wherein the public spaces around the commercial displays are being transformed and distorted. These posters are a part of an upcoming publication, following the exhibition, which will include documentation of the exhibition, alongside images of urban spaces in Vilnius, artist collages and texts by Tenzing Barshee, Michaela Chiriak, Haytham El-Wardany, Monika Kalinauskaitė, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Nicholas Matranga and Ariane Müller.

The publication can be booked in advance by finding all 8 of the posters throughout Vilnius, making photographs of them and sending via email

The posters can be found until 25th October.

The curators of the exhibitions would like to express their gratitude to partners of this project, “JCDecaux Lietuva” for the provided support.

Photos: Julijus Balčikonis





Judith Hopf, in collaboration with Martin Ebner: Up
Video, stereo, 1  min 59 sec, 2016
Camera: Florian Zeyfang
Driver: Judith Hopf


Judith Hopf

Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea
Piazza Piero Siena 1
39100 Bolzano, Italia

Opening 30/09/2016, 7 pm
01/10/2016 – 08/01/2017


Museion presents Judith Hopf’s first solo show in an Italian museum.

Hopf occupies a unique position within the globalized, hyper-connected art world. With her signature playful spirit, she sets about deconstructing certainties and undermining social parameters and conventions. Her ironic, self-deprecating works explore her awareness of her own limits and relish in the awkward and the clumsy. She revels in slapstick, and applies a deliberately amateurish aesthetic, basing her pieces on the simplest of materials.

The exhibition Up, which occupies the Passage area and the fourth floor of the museum, presents thirty works by the artist, including videos, sculptures and drawings, many of which have been produced for the show and forge a dialogue with the venue and its surrounding landscape. The relationship with the South Tyrol landscape can also be seen on the invitation for the exhibition, designed by the artist herself.
In the artist’s sculptures humour is deployed to subvert the language of modernity, and she often uses animals as a sort of symbolic and conceptual medium to convey human practices. In this sense the flock of concrete sheep with funny faces sketched on with charcoal pokes fun at the conventions of minimalist sculpture, its serial nature and intentional absence of associations and content, but also lampoons the behaviour of visitors to contemporary art exhibitions.
Hopf’s latest sculptures are in brick and allude to limitations of physical experience, in the form of a visual oxymoron or paradox: a foot, football and trolley bag so heavy and solid that their motion is frozen into place.

In the Museion show existing works mingle with new pieces created for the occasion. Bricks are not only used in sculptures, but also architectural modules that create the layout of the exhibition; these divide up the space and at the same time serve as supports for some of the works.

Born in Karlsruhe in 1969, the artist teaches figurative arts at the Frankfurter Städelschule and has exhibited in institutions including the PRAXES Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2014), Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt (2013), Malmö Konsthall, Malmö (2012) and international events such as documenta 13, Kassel (2012) and the Liverpool Biennial (2014). Her works have been presented at numerous festivals, including the Berlin International Film Festival (the Berlinale), and the “Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen”.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue published by Mousse Publishing in three languages (It/Ger/Eng) with texts by Roberto Pinto and Letizia Ragaglia, and an interview with the artist by Sabeth Buchmann.

Starship 15

Starship 15
Oktober 2016
Starship Nº 15 is published by Starship e.V.
Editors: Nikola Dietrich, Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller, Henrik Olesen
Layout concept: Starship and Dan Solbach
Graphic Design: Philip Reinartz
Cover: based on a video still of the performance On Rotation by Gerry Bibby
at Istituto Svizzero di Roma, May 2016
Backcover: Martin Ebner
Cover Image: Gina Folly
Centerfold: Amelie von Wulffen
Next issue: Early 2017
Single copy: EUR 8, abroad EUR 10, USD 12
ISSN: 1619-2052

Contributors to Starship Nº 15:
Nadja Abt, Tenzing Barshee, Gerry Bibby, Mercedes Bunz, Lou Cantor, Nicolas Ceccaldi, Jay Chung, Hans-Christian Dany, Helmut Draxler, Francesca Drechsler, Martin Ebner, Jana Euler, Julian Göthe, Toni Hildebrandt, Karl Holmqvist, Judith Hopf, Stephan Janitzky, Jakob Kolding, Robert McKenzie,
Maria Loboda, Nick Mauss, Robert Meijer, Ariane Müller, Christopher Müller, Eileen Myles, Gunter Reski, Mandla Reuter, Cameron Rowland, Julia Scher, Mark von Schlegell, Eva Seufert, Diamond Stingily, Wolfgang Tillmans, Vera Tollmann, Haytham El-Wardany, Nicole Wermers, Amelie von Wulffen, Stephanie Wurster, Florian Zeyfang