• In a Sideshow by the Sea

    Martin Ebner: In a Sideshow by the Sea / Video, 6 min., 2010 / Based on a audio track: John Cage Meets Sun Ra, Meltdown Records MPA-1 1987 / Alternate performances of Sun Ra, Yamaha DX-7; and John Cage, vocals Sideshow by the Sea, Coney Island, New York, June 8, 1986 / We are sitting inside the Sideshow by the Sea Theater in Coney Island, New York, in June 1986. It is a concert; Sun Ra and John Cage are performing together, separately. Sun Ra is testing his new synthesizer, and then, after a pause of several minutes, John Cage will start again to sing in a very gentle way. But we are still in the middle of the pause. It is a warm summer evening. The door is open. You can hear the humming of the amplifiers, and the voices of the people outside walking by. Some unusual thoughts come to our mind. / 60. Filmfestspiele Berlinale, Berlin, Forum Expanded, Kopietheater 1