slightly pushing


slightly pushing your realities

A film program on landscape, institutional critique and others
assembled by Martin Ebner and Kerstin Cmelka
as part of

LUTZ KINOY’s Loose Bodies
December 6/7 2013

Elaine MGK
St. Alban-Rheinweg 64
CH-4052 Basel



Robert Breer : A Man and his Dog out for Air
2 min, color,1957

Maya Deren: At Land
15 min, b/w, silent, 1944

Bernhard Schreiner: Dian, Paito
7 min, b/w, 2001

Kerstin Cmelka: Et In Arcadia Ego
3 min, color, silent, 2001

Marie Menken: Glimpse of the Garden
5 min, color, 1957


Kerstin Cmelka: camera
9 min, 2002, color




David Lamelas:
A Study of Relationships Between Inner and Outer Space
20 min, b/w,1969


Owen Land:
New Improved Institutional Quality: In the Environment of
Liquids and Nasals a Parasitic Vowel Sometimes Develops
10 min, color,1976


Tamara Henderson: Accent Grave on Ananas
3 min, color, 2013


Owen Land:
On the Marriage Broker Joke as Cited by Sigmund Freud in Wit
and its Relation to the Unconscious, or Can the Avant-garde Artist
be Wholed
17 min, color, 1980

Many thanks to:

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Nikola Dietrich, Scott C. Weaver, Tenzing Barshee, Hannah Weinberger

Kunsthalle Basel, Fabian Schöneich
Stadtkino Basel, Sandro Mazzoni
LUX – artists moving image, London
ARSENAL – Institut for Film- and Video Art, Berlin
sixpack film, Vienna