Martin Ebner: Musix‘ lost it’s Colour
experimental music video, 5 min 39 sec, 2018
Track: Eric D. Clark – Musix‘ lost it’s Colour
Model „World Receiver“: Isa Genzken
Font by


Martin Ebner: Drop Car
Installation video, 16 min., 2018
Sound by Theresa Patzschke / Martin Ebner


Martin Ebner, with Ariane Müller: Untitled (Tokyo)
Video, 7:43 min., audio, 2017



Martin Ebner: D’izi
Installation video, loop, 1:17 min., silent, 2017



Martin Ebner: Early Movie
Installation video, loop, 50 minutes, silent, 2017



Martin Ebner: Starship Animation


Judith Hopf, in collaboration with Martin Ebner: Up
Video, stereo, 1 min 59 sec, 2016


Judith Hopf & Martin Ebner: More
Video, stereo, 4 min, 2015



Martin Ebner: Ein helles Kino
2-channel video installation, 33 min., audio, loop, 2015



Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller: Day of the Engineer
Installation video, loop, audio, 2013



Martin Ebner: Eye/Tree
Video, 5 min 38 sec., audio, 2013
Music: Thomas Fehlmann
Based on an installation by Klaus Weber & Martin Ebner



Martin Ebner: Bird Painting
Video, 30 sec., silent, 2011



Martin Ebner, Parisienne
Installation video, 2 min. 48 sec., audio, 2012



Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller: T as Tennis
Video, 10 min., audio, 2010



Martin Ebner: In a Sideshow by the Sea
Video, 6 min., audio, 2010



Martin Ebner, Ariane Müller, Schildkröte (Turtle)
Video, 22 sec., audio, 2010



Martin Ebner, Eule (Owl)
Video, 22 sec., audio, 2010



Martin Ebner, Florian Zeyfang: Ornamentals And Accidentals
Installation video, 10 min., loop, 2011



Martin Ebner, Katja Eydel, Klaus Weber: Out in the Light
Video, 17 min., audio, 2008




Martin Ebner: Nullpanorama
Video transferred to 35mm Film, silent, 40 sec., 2003




Martin Ebner: Shadow Projector
Installation video, silent, 28 min., silent, loop, 2002


Ariane Müller: Reading Marie Curie
Video by Martin Ebner
Video, 1 min., loop, silent, 2001


Martin Ebner: Känguru
Video (loop), silent, 1995


Martin Ebner & Axel Stockburger: Lokal TV Trailer
voices by Ariane Müller and Nicolas Siepen
Video, 1 min., audio, 1996


You Never Know (Max Moswitzer, Peter Muhr, Martin Ebner): Spring Project
Installation video, silent, 20 min., 1995


You Never Know (Max Moswitzer, Peter Muhr, Martin Ebner): Highway to Hell
Video, silent, 4 min., 1995


Martin Ebner: Problem
Video (excerpt), silent, 30 min., 1995



You Never Know: World Record
35mm Film, 1.46 min, 1992
(low res VHS dub)



You Never Know: 95%
Video, 9.26 min, 1992
(low res VHS dub)



You Never Know: Welle
Video, loop, silent, 1992



Martin Ebner: Connectivity
Video, loop, silent, 1990