Walking in ice

Ariane Müller, Martin Ebner: Untitled (It), 2019


Walking in ice

July 24-August 20 2020

XC.HuA Gallery
Potsdamer Str. 81 B
10785 Berlin

with works by Leda Bourgogne, Zuzanna Czebatul, Fanny Gicquel, Nona Inescu, Julian-Jakob Kneer, Ariane Müller & Martin Ebner, Alvaro Urbano, and Tobias Spichtig

XC.HuA is pleased to announce the group exhibition Walking in Ice, opening Friday, 24 July between 1-6 pm. A performance by Fanny Gicquel featuring Mickey Mahar, Maria Ladopoulos, and Omagbitse Omagbemi will take place at 7pm following the public reception.

Walking in Ice explores delicate and dynamic entanglements between the self and the other. The exhibition’s title is inspired by a memoir written by Werner Herzog, chronicling a journey from Munich to Paris that the German filmmaker undertook by foot in 1974 to be at the side of his gravely ill friend and mentor Lotte H. Eisner. Walking for three weeks in the deep chill of winter, Herzog was convinced that this act of physical devotion might save the life of his dying friend. Working in a range of media, the artists in the exhibition all deal in different ways with questions of vanity, loneliness, and mortality; a desire for connection; empathy and attraction; a compulsion to memorialize lovers, friends, or family members; the boundaries between the self and the other; and notions of injury, disturbance, and care.

XC.HuA Gallery was founded 2017 in Berlin and is located in the former site of the ‘Tagesspiegel’ press offices. The historic, pre-war building is situated within ‘Mercator Höfe’, one of Berlin’s central contemporary art precincts. During the same year, the Beijing branch of XC.HuA Gallery China was also established in the Caochangdi art district.